Visit to Yubileiny agricultural company in Orsha District

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Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko visited the Yubileiny agricultural company in Orsha District on 21 June.

The agricultural company is an advanced and exemplary enterprise. According to the head of state, such enterprises are pleasant to visit.

The President was interested in the work of the Yubileiny agricultural company. The enterprise was formed evolving from a number of smaller farms, which helped bring together production forces and fodder supplies.

The matters discussed with the President included approaches to sowing winter crops, including winter barley, whose advantages were discussed the day before during the working trip of the head of state to Shklov District. This crop is important for ensuring good forage base in cattle breeding.

Aleksandr Lukashenko was also informed about a number of other areas of work of the agricultural company, including the provision of machinery.

The grass forage harvest across the country was also discussed during the trip. Agriculture and Food Minister Igor Brylo reported on the issue saying that the regions were keeping to the previously approved plan, and the situation was positive.

Polymer film was another issue on the agenda of the President’s working trip. The material used to be partially imported. There are also Belarusian analogues, but their cost is quite high. The President made stringent requirements on the matter, including in the context of import substitution.

“The government must monitor the launch of polymer film production within a year. It is a promising technology. This will help Vitebsk greatly. We need to make this product cheaper. We need this polymer film. The technology should be cheap, available for weak farms. If this process is cheap, there will be no need to persuade anyone,” the President said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko also asked the minister to assess agricultural development in Vitebsk Oblast. “I need results. There should be order and discipline here. With discipline in place, we will have no problems,” he stressed adding that the minister should pay special attention to this issue

The head of state also visited the Kupalinka dairy. He drew attention to another important issue that requires attention in the agro-industrial complex - the safety of livestock. “You will be held responsible for the cattle losses,” the Belarusian leader warned.

In his words, there is a high demand for food across the globe. “We can sell our products at a good price,” said Aleksandr Lukashenko.

During the head of state’s visit, a number of regional issues were discussed. Land reclamation was among them. Aleksandr Lukashenko gave specific instructions in this regard asking to determine financing mechanisms and scope of work.

The President also touched upon the development of raw material zones. He stressed that private farming enterprises should be involved in this work on an equal footing with the state-run ones.

Aleksandr Lukashenko also visited the machinery yard, discussing a number of practical issues, including the paving of the site. When choosing between asphalt and concrete, the President gave preference to the latter.

Another practical aspect mentioned was to find the best solution for heating the workshops in winter, to make it both efficient and cost-effective.