October Revolution Day greetings

    Dear compatriots,

    I wish you Happy October Revolution Day.

    This event played a crucial role in the history of the 20th century. It had a major impact on the course of world history and determined the fates of many nations.

    Available social benefits, the ideals of equability, peace, and interethnic accord formed in the USSR are valued today. The USSR made a breakthrough in the manufacturing industry, agriculture, energy sector, space technologies, laid the foundation of many industries and new lines of research. The achievements of the Soviet Union in culture and sport became the legacy of the mankind and brought world fame to the country.

    Today we are proud of the Soviet-era labor feats, scientific discoveries, and the heroism of Soviet soldiers. We are doing our best to preserve and multiply the achievements of predecessors who prioritized such values as justice, diligence, and equality.

    We cherish the invaluable experience of previous generations, and it means that we can be a success in various fields.

    Happy October Revolution Day!

    Aleksandr Lukashenko