Mother’s Day greetings

    Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko has wished a happy Mother’s Day to Belarusian women and wished them strong health, peace and comfort in their homes.

    “Mother is the closest and most precious person for everybody. Her unconditional love protects us since babyhood, warms our hearts in difficult times, helps us accomplish our goals,” the message of greetings reads. “Motherhood is a big blessing and huge responsibility. We learn to love our native country, cherish family and cultural traditions, spiritual values which are passed from generation to generation at mother’s knee.”

    The head of state emphasized that Belarus hails mothers of many children. He expressed special gratitude to women who are taking care of foster children. “The priorities of our social policy are future-oriented, we want as many children as possible to be born in Belarusian families. Happy children’s laughter is a hymn of our future,” the President remarked. “May happiness and wellbeing of your children be the main reward for your love, tenderness, kindness and infinite patience.”