Mother’s Day greetings

    Dear women,

    Please accept my best and warmest greetings on Mother’s Day.

    Mother is the closest and dearest woman for every person.

    The word ‘mother’ is inseparable from such notions as peace, family, Homeland, all the things that have the biggest value for people.

    Mother’s love has always been and will be the solid and strong force, the pillar of spirituality, moral principles, civic consciousness and patriotism.

    Mother’s Day is not only a tribute of respect and love for those who gave birth to us. This is also the recognition of a crucial role of women in the development of the society, the acknowledgement of the fact that families and maternity are the priorities of the country’s social policy.

    Dear mothers, thank you for your tireless work and patience, for your great mission serving as a source of life and kindness.

    I hope that your family members will always take care of you, your children will always make you happy with their achievements, and grandchildren will give you warmth and understanding. I wish you love, tenderness, inward peace and accord.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko