Meeting with Taxes and Duties Minister Sergei Nalivaiko

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Taxation should be made as comfortable as possible for business, yet the realization of the legitimate interests of the state should be guaranteed, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said during a working meeting with Taxes and Duties Minister Sergei Nalivaiko.

“I would like to hear what the current issues are. What we need to do to make it more comfortable for business and manufacturing industries - those who pay taxes, and to make sure that the state should not exert excess pressure on them. At the same time we should ensure that the state should not lose anything in this regard and receive everything it is entitled, like it happens in all states,” the President said.

The head of state noted that the tax authorities are going through a kind of turning point in their efforts to improve the tax system and administration. “What has been done in this regard, especially when we take into account the computerization? We agreed that your ministry will do a lot on this front.” The head of state asked.   

The Minister told media after the meeting that he reported to the President about the progress in the development of the systems of electronic control and e-invoices for VAT payers launched on 1 July. “These systems are efficient. We have improved the collection of payments and were able to reduce the number of audits thanks to these systems. This process will be continued. Our major goal is to secure contact-free interaction with tax services and minimize the number of audits for bona fide economic entities. We may even decide not to conduct any audits unless analytical systems point to any risks,” Sergei Nalivaiko said after the meeting.

Ensuring stability of the tax regime when the taxes and rates of taxes do not change is of crucial importance. Work on this issue will be continued, taking into account the economic situation, the Minister said.