Meeting with Stadler Rail Group CEO Peter Spuhler

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Joint projects with such world-famous companies as Stadler are a significant boost for Belarus’ image, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said as he met with Stadler Rail Group CEO Peter Spuhler on 21 March.

“A truly solid enterprise [the joint venture Stadler Minsk] has been opened in Belarus. Your enterprise has been world-famous for many years, but the fact that Belarus has emerged on this map with the manufacture of cutting-edge railway and electric transport is a significant boost for the image of the country,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

The head of state recalled his first meeting with Peter Spuhler and a joint railway trip. During that trip they agreed to build a joint venture in Belarus. The sides managed to bring the idea to life within a short period of time, the plant was built rather quickly and launched without any difficulties. “We agreed on joint work very quickly. It would be great to see as much progress as in the establishment of your joint enterprise in Belarus in other areas,” the head of state remarked.

The president emphasized that during the meeting the sides are going to discuss future plans and current problems if there are any.

“I’ve heard that you designed a wonder train for our metro,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said. “Maybe, when this train is put on tracks we will have another trip together. Perhaps, wonderful ideas will emerge in this train once again.”

Peter Spuhler, in turn, thanked for the opportunity to meet with the Belarusian president and praised the performance of the joint venture Stadler Minsk. “The Fanipol-based factory makes trains not only for Belarus but also for the global market. We have to work in terms of fierce competition. We produce trains for Norway, double-deckers for Hungary, electric trains for Slovenia,” he said.