Meeting with Chairperson of Central Election Commission Lidia Yermoshina

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The parliamentary elections in Belarus will be held in accordance with the law and the Constitution of the country, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said as he met with Chairperson of the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Belarus Lidia Yermoshina on 30 July.

“The number one issue discussed in the society today is the date for the country's parliamentary elections. We have already decided to hold the parliamentary elections in 2019 and the presidential election in 2020, despite the predictions of some so-called analysts who speculated that Lukashenko would hold the presidential election in 2019 taking advantage of the calm situation. As I promised, everything will be done in accordance with the law and the Constitution,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

The President touched upon the formation of constituencies. The House of Representatives consists of 110 deputies. This means the country needs the same number of constituencies.

Aleksandr Lukashenko and Lidia Yermoshina also talked over the financing of the election campaign. According to the head of state, this is an important issue. I have always said that we have not much money to spare. However, we will involve best specialists, including teachers and doctors, our intelligentsia,” the head of state said and urged a rational approach to the financing of the elections. The funds have been set aside in the budget for this purpose.

The head of state stressed that Belarus has always attached great importance to international observation of election campaigns. However, the country is not going to invite experts in order to please someone or ban them from entering the country.

“I do not think that we need to beg anyone to come and observe the elections. We just need to show that if anyone wants to come, they are welcome. If someone needs an official status, we will invite them. We will not prohibit the entry to anyone. If you want to see Belarus, the election process, you are welcome to come,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

The President believes that it is important to set up an information center at the time of the elections to inform people and journalists about the election campaign. “I suggest Lydia Mikhailovna should take lead of this process, not only on voting day but also in the run-up to it. We need to think over the format. I believe all members of the commission can participate in this process to inform the public about the course of the election campaign,” the President noted.

“I do not want anyone, even the so-called opposition, to see some hidden motives in my words about openness and fairness of the elections. I am absolutely sincere here. Today we do not need to show off that much (you work for you reputation all the time). Who does not know us? People know me, members of the government and parliament. Therefore it is necessary to approach the election time in a calm fashion, hold them at a high level,” the President stressed.

In his opinion, there are always people who criticize, but objective observers see that the elections in Belarus are open and democratic. “Yet, the cornerstone is order and stability. Everything must correspond to the law. Elections will be held as it is stipulated in the Constitution and the law. They are for our people, not for someone,” the President said.

The meeting was attended by Head of the President Administration Natalya Kochanova. Aleksandr Lukashenko noted that even though elections are organized by the Central Election Commission, the President Administration provides the commission great support.