Greetings on the Day of Unity of Peoples of Belarus and Russia

    Dear Belarusians and Russians,

    The Day of Unity of Peoples of Belarus and Russia is a memorable date in our common history. The Union State relies on a solid foundation which is made of rich cultural heritage, large-scale economic potential, versatile interpersonal ties.

    This year’s holiday is special because it is celebrated in the run-up to the momentous date – the 70th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War. Back then in the fierce battles the Soviet people protected the freedom and independence of the Homeland and liberated the whole Europe from fascist slavery.

    Joint efforts help us protect and promote the memory of the great achievements of the generation of victors. Together we are doing our best to prevent recent attempts to rewrite history and to diminish the importance of their unprecedented feat.

    History has proved that only together we will be able to respond to any challenges and threats effectively. Today, when the international community is facing a difficult time of conflicts and crises, our unity has a special importance.

    Almost 20 years have passed since the signing of the first integration treaty. At times it was a difficult but very productive period rich in good deeds. It is also good that the Union State project gave a nudge to other integration processes. For example, the Eurasian Economic Union became operational at the beginning of the year.

    Our countries understand that it is needed to promote the Union State project, and the main thing, to think about its prospects. I am convinced that the indissoluble bonds of friendship, mutual trust and understanding will always be the main reference points for the Belarusians and Russians on the chosen path.

    Dear friends,

    I wholeheartedly wish peace, productive labor, accord and wellbeing, strong health and every success to those who live in our common home.

    Chairman of the Supreme State Council of the Union State, President of the Republic of Belarus

    Aleksandr Lukashenko