Greetings on the 95th anniversary of Komsomol 

    Greetings on the 95th anniversary of Komsomol

    Dear friends,

    I send my best greetings on the occasion of the 95th anniversary of the VLKSM.

    Many Belarusians will forever remember the years of Komsomol youth as the time full of romanticism of creative search, enthusiasm of creative work and the aspiration to build the present and future of the Homeland.

    The historical path of the Youth Union is remarkable for scintillating achievements during the time when industrial giants were set up in the first five-year periods, heroism displayed during the Great Patriotic War, active involvement in the rebuilding of destroyed towns and villages, exploration of virgin soil, regions of Far North, Far East and Siberia.

    The Belarusian Republican Youth Union continues glorious traditions of the Komsomol youth movement in Belarus. This large-scale social organization incorporates the best representatives of the young generation and becomes a good school of civil responsibility, an initiator of good undertakings and an advocate of interests of all boys and girls.

    Dear Komsomol veterans, I sincerely thank you for the preservation of continuity and benign influence you have on young people.

    Let this anniversary become a milestone in strengthening our youth movement, enrichment of its glorious traditions.

    I wish you health, optimism, happiness, energy and new victories for the benefit of our dear Belarus.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko