Conferment of doctor of sciences diplomas and professor certificates

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Science plays an important role in the development of various industries today, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said as he presented doctor of sciences diplomas and professor certificates to scientists and lecturers on 12 February.

“New projects help spare resources and energy sources, reduce the prime cost of products and make them more competitive on foreign markets,” the head of state remarked.

In his words, import substitution remains an important issue. “We need to manufacture better and more affordable products which will meet the demands of consumers using our resources and in compliance with existing operating conditions,” the President believes.

The head of state stressed that the economic conditions are complicated all over the world, Belarus’ trade partners and competitors face serious difficulties. “The future of Belarus largely depends on our behavior in this situation. We can give up and start to panic, or try to find efficient solutions of pending issues. They say for a reason that great opportunities emerge in a difficult time,” the President said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko demanded maximum efficiency, including financial efficiency, from scientists. “Besides, it is important for every scientist to see tangible results of his or her work and the benefits it brings to people and the country,” the head of state added.

He also deemed it necessary to promote fundamental science since it is the key to future inventions, technologies, and innovations. According to the President, it is essential to support Belarusian scientific schools which are a guarantee of continuation of the best traditions of Belarusian scientists, preservation and transfer of knowledge from more experienced scientists to their younger colleagues.