Commentary to Decree No. 292 of 1 July 2013

    On 1 July President of the Republic of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko signed Decree No. 292 “Concerning the State Forensics Committee of the Republic of Belarus”.

    The document aims to create the legal framework for the operation of the State Forensics Committee starting from 1 July 2013. The committee was founded by the presidential decree of 22 April 2013.

    The document approves a number of legal documents, including the provision on the committee, the provision on the order of service, the disciplinary charter and the personnel oath.

    The provision on the State Forensics Committee determines the main tasks and functions of the agency. The supreme body of the committee is the central board. The chairman is accountable directly to the President of Belarus. He has four deputies. One of them is to supervise medico-legal tests and forensic psychiatric examinations. He/she is the Chief Forensic Expert of the Republic of Belarus.

    The provision on the order of service in the State Forensics Committee applies to the personnel of the committee who have special ranks and does not apply to the civilian personnel of the agency. Its norms concerning the order of engagement, contracts, appointments, bestowal of special ranks, dismissal are in full compliance with the norms which are currently specified by the provisions regarding the service in interior bodies and other paramilitary organizations. The same approach is spelled out in the disciplinary charter of the committee.