Commentary to Decree No. 124 of 5 April 2016

    Belarus’ foreign trade legislation will be harmonized with the Eurasian Economic Union Treaty (EEU Treaty) as of 29 May 2014. This is envisaged in Decree No. 124 “Concerning the state regulation in foreign trade” which was signed by Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko on 5 April.

    To preserve necessary instruments of national regulation and protect the interests of Belarusian manufacturers, the decree specifies the scope of duties of the President of the Republic of Belarus and the government in this field. Thus, such issues as the distribution of tariff quotas for a number of farm products made in third countries and imported to the customs territory of the Eurasian Economic Union, the application of temporary nontariff regulation measures, the issue of documents permitting the import and export of goods to and from the EEU have been regulated.

    In accordance with the decree, it is possible to provide electronic documents and information to facilitate state regulation in foreign trade. It will help develop the one-stop-shop mechanism in the regulation of foreign economic operations.