Ceremony to bestow For Spiritual Revival prizes, special prizes, and Belarusian Sport Olympus prizes

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The key treasure of the Belarusian state is the people, who augment the country’s glory with their talents, creativity, and hard work. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko made the statement during the ceremony held on 9 January to bestow For Spiritual Revival prizes, special prizes, and Belarusian Sport Olympus prizes.

Aleksandr Lukashenko said: “We will always treat our cultural legacy with care. But the key treasure of the state is you, the people who augment its glory with their talents, creativity, and hard work, people who inspire their compatriots for good deeds, people who are true patriots.”

During the award ceremony the head of state noted that on this festive evening in the Palace of the Republic praise goes to kindhearted people, who give their love, attention, and warmth to kids of difficult fates, to the clergy, who have translated the New Testament into Belarusian.

Aleksandr Lukashenko said: “We thank the collectives, who keep our indigenous culture intact. We thank authors and performers, who sing of the native land in their creative works. We thank all the talented cultural figures, whose projects have been deemed the best. We bestow Belarusian Sport Olympus prizes upon strong-willed people, who’ve dedicated their lives to achieving high accomplishments in Belarusian sport. We give a tribute of adoration to Belarusian women, to their beauty and spirituality of international renown.”

Four For Spiritual Revival prizes were bestowed upon labor collectives and representatives of religious associations for vigorous work in humanitarian sphere.

Yulia Bykova and Yevgeny Oleinik were awarded for implementing the theme of native land in their pop music and songs. The Biblical Commission of the Belarusian Orthodox Church and the section for the translation of liturgical texts and official documents of the Catholic Church of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments under the aegis of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of Belarus were awarded for publishing New Testament books in Belarusian.

For Spiritual Revival prizes were bestowed upon workers of the Belarusian children’s hospice and workers of the care home for children with special needs in the village of Vesnovo.

Nine Belarus president special prizes were bestowed upon workers of culture and art in recognition of widely acclaimed outstanding accomplishments in professional art, folk and amateur art, patriotic education of creative youth, and charity.

The head of state bestowed prizes upon the Academic Song and Dance Company of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus, workers of the Postavy territorial center of social security, workers of the Belarusian State Choreography College, and the family folk music band Svayaki from the agrotown of Yubileiny, Volkovysk District.

Special prizes also went to the creative team of former underage prisoners of fascism Fates, the folk music band Nesvizhskiye Lozhkari, the chief stage performer of the Yanka Kupala National Academic Theater, People’s Artist of Belarus Viktor Manayev, Miss Belarus 2018 and Miss World Europe Maria Vasilevich, and a team of authors of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus.

The head of state bestowed Belarusian Sport Olympus 2018 prizes upon the athlete-instructor of the national athletics team Volha Mazuronak, the deputy head of the sport division of ZAO Second National TV Channel Boris Gersten, and the senior coach of the trampoline department at Grodno Olympic Reserve School No.3 Irina Baranovskaya.

A festive concert “Christmas. Motherland. Revival” took place after the award ceremony. The image of the festive country of Belarus on Christmas where talented and kind people live was the theme running through all the numbers. Every performance was arranged like a mini-play.

The concert featured masterpieces of international and national classic music, the best songs by Belarusian composers, choreographic sketches, and literature numbers. The Academic Song and Dance Company of the Belarusian army performed on the stage as well as the soloists of the Bolshoi Theater of Belarus Anastasia Moskvina and Vladimir Gromov, the finalist of the TV projects Country’s Talent and Children’s Voice Yaroslav Sokolikov, the music band Pesnyary, the singer Alyona Lanskaya, and other Belarusian artistes and music bands, including awardees of the Belarus president special prize.

Nikolai Lukashenko, the youngest son of the Belarusian head of state, also performed during the concert. Together with his teacher Yelena Ostashkina-Myslivchik he played a fantasia for two pianos and voice inspired by songs from the album Kutochak Belarusi (part of Belarus) by Yevgeny Oleinik and Yulia Bykova. The latter performed a medley composition.