Belarusians honored for achievements in humanities, arts and sport 

    Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko issued a decree to present For Spiritual Revival 2013 prizes to distinguished Belarusians in recognition of their humanitarian efforts.

    The prize has been presented to Bishop Sofrony of Mogilev and Mstislavl in recognition of his significant contribution to the spiritual revival of Belarus, social and educational activities.

    The prize winners also include the Republican Children's Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation that has made great achievements in the development of medical rehabilitation of children, the assimilation of modern technologies which allow sick children and children with disabilities to adapt to the life in the society.

    The Bykhov psycho-neurological boarding house received the prize for its many years of fruitful work for the social protection of the population, the humanistic model of social work with people with psycho-neurological diseases.

    The Belarusian Children's Fund has been honored with the award in recognition of its significant contribution to the protection of the rights of children and the implementation of socially significant humanitarian projects.

    For excellence in the matter of education of socially disadvantaged children and their return to normal life, the preservation of family for each child, For Spiritual Revival prize has been presented to Olga Chemodanova, the chief of the state inspectorate for juvenile affairs the public security department of the Minsk District Executive Committee.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko also signed a decree to present 10 special prizes of the President of the Republic of Belarus to the workers of culture and art in recognition of significant creative and pedagogical achievements, which have received public recognition.

    The prize has been awarded to a team of authors of Belarusian TV and Radio Company: editor Yelena Bormotova, director Maria Zhukova and head of the culture news department Mikhail Revutsky for the documentary films "Slutsk Belts. Secret Signs,” “Mikhail Savitsky. The Mysteries of Biography”, “The Radziwills. The Family Mysteries,” “The National Dilogy. Statute of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania”, “National Trilogy: Coat of Arms. Anthem. Flag,” “Its Name is Temple.”

    The team of authors of the children's TV music competition "I Can Sing!" of the Second National TV Channel: leading honored art worker of the Russian Federation Dmitry Astrakhan, executive producer of the special projects directorate Yelena Lobach, director of the special projects directorate Anzhela Mikulskaya have been awarded the prize in recognition of their significant contribution to the development of creative abilities of talented orphaned children, children with disabilities, children from single-parent and large families.

    For high creative achievements in the field of fine arts, active exhibition activity the prize has been presented to the members of the Belarusian Union of Artists Tatiana and Yuri Rudenkos.

    The prize has been also awarded to the circus art studio "Arena" for their significant contribution to the development and popularization of amateur circus art.

    The prize has been also awarded to the team of the Grodno regional puppet theater who made important contributions to the development of theatrical art and international cultural relations.

    Albert Kozhushkevich, deputy headmaster for education of Novopolotsk School No.3, conductor of Zvonkiye Golosa exemplary choir, has been recognized for the great achievements in the aesthetic education of creative young people. 

    Artist Vladimir Kozhukh, member of the Belarusian Union of Artists, received the award for his paintings of high artistic merit. 

    Editor-in-Chief of the Polymya magazine (Zvyazda publishing house) Nikolai Metlitsky has been honored for the translation of the book “Under the Wings of the Dragon. 100 Poets of China” into Belarusian.

    The Pamyat Serdtsa folk vocal group of veterans of war, labor, and Armed Forces from the national palace of culture for veterans has been awarded the prize for the promotion of the best examples of vocal art and great contribution to the patriotic education of the Belarusian citizens.

    Galina Stepanyuk, Director of the Antopol Regional Center of Crafts (Drogichin District, Brest Oblast), has got the award for her contribution to the preservation of the unique folk arts and crafts of the region. 

    The presidential decrees clearly show that the Belarusian government is interested in the spiritual education of the citizens, promotion of humanity, charity and benevolence, and development of the Belarusian culture and art.

    Besides, Aleksandr Lukashenko signed a decree to award Belarus Sports Olympus 2013, a special prize of the President of the Republic of Belarus.

    The prize has been awarded to Lyudmila Drozd, the chief rowing and canoeing coach and teacher of the Minsk Oblast state school of Olympic reserve, Anatoly Lobachev, a coach and teacher of the weightlifting department of the Mogilev state school of Olympic reserve, and Marina Protasova, a coach and teacher of Grodno specialized school of Olympic reserve for children and youth No.3.

    The prize is awarded in recognition of personal contributions to the promotion of sports and physical education and the development of sports traditions that facilitate harmonic development of an individual.

    The honored coaches have trained champions and prizewinners of the Olympic Games, world championships, European championships, and World Universiade 2013.