Belarus President officially thanks Chernobyl clean-up workers

    On 28 April Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko signed executive order No. 66рп to officially thank Chernobyl clean-up workers for a big personal contribution to the organization and holding of events aimed at the rehabilitation of affected regions, a contribution to the organization of work to provide professional support to the young and implement social and cultural projects on the territory of Chernobyl-affected regions.

    The President officially thanked Chernobyl clean-up workers Viktor Zaitsev, Vladimir Koryakov, Alexander Kuzmenko, Anatoly Kuzmenkov, Mikhail Shakov, Alexander Sharendo, Ivan Shmakov.

    The President also thanked representative of the BRSM Youth Union Yekaterina Dalidovich, administrator of Minsk hospital No. 10 Viktor Isachkin, professor of the children oncology and hematology chair at the Belarusian Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education Tatyana Kozarezova.