Belarus President makes new appointments

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Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko made several personnel decisions on 27 December.

The head of state appointed:

Andrei Kobyakov Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus;

Alexander Kosinets Head of the Belarus President Administration;

Pavel Kallaur Chairman of the Board of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus;

Vasily Matyushevsky First Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus;

Vladimir Semashko Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus;

Natalia Kochanova Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus;

Mikhail Zhuravkov Education Minister;

Sergei Nalivaiko Tax and Duties Minister;

Vitaly Vovk Industry Minister;

Vladimir Zinovsky Economy Minister;

Andrei Gayev Chairman of the State Property Committee;

Nikolai Snopkov Deputy Head of the Belarus President Administration;

Igor Buzovsky Deputy Head of the Belarus President Administration;

Anatoly Lis Chairman of the Brest Oblast Executive Committee;

Nikolai Sherstnev Chairman of the Vitebsk Oblast Executive Committee;

Vladimir Domanevsky Chairman of the Mogilev Oblast Executive Committee;

Inna Medvedeva Chairperson of the National Statistics Committee.

The President also gave his approval to the appointment of:

Dmitry Katerinich as Director General of the public joint-stock company Minsk Automobile Plant, the managing company of the holding company BelavtoMAZ;

Alexei Yakovlev as Director General of the public joint-stock company Belshina;

Igor Yemelyanovich as Director General of the public joint-stock company Managing Company of the Holding Company Minsk Motor Plant;

Alexander Yeremeyev as Director General of the public joint-stock company Managing Company of the Holding Company Bobruiskagromash;

Ivan Proturo as Director General of the public joint-stock company Gomelglass;

Raisa Sidorenko as Deputy Education Minister;

Alexander Zaborovsky as First Deputy Economy Minister.

Aleksandr Lukashenko remarked that in the year of presidential elections new appointments and personnel rotation, the movement of personnel at all levels, particularly in the personnel pool of the President and the government, represent an established tradition.

“I would like the new composition of the government, of the top government agencies to work hard in the run-up to the election. Nobody should have any doubts about whether they will continue doing their jobs after the election. If things turn out well, I am ready to work with this composition of the government and these officials even after the election,” the President said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko added that he still had some personnel in reserve, whom he is ready to employ after the election in order to perfect the existing personnel composition of the government agencies that will have to pass the exam before the nation.

The President reminded that the process of personnel rotation had started a long time before. A number of officials were appointed in the past, including the heads of the Grodno Oblast and Minsk Oblast administrations, the Minsk city administration, the State Control Committee, the State Customs Committee, the state secretary of the Security Council and his deputy, the head of the Belarus President Property Management Directorate, ministers for housing and public utilities, information, culture, defense, and finance.

“As I promised, this process was the most important one for me in the pre-election year,” the head of state said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko remarked that due to their transfer to other jobs he had dismissed Mikhail Myasnikovich, Nadezhda Yermakova, Piotr Prokopovich, Anatoly Tozik, Sergei Maskevich, Vladimir Poluyan, Vladimir Tsalko, Georgy Kuznetsov, and Konstantin Sumar.

Addressing Vladimir Semashko, the head of state said that his area of responsibility will be expanded.

“I would like to repeat that economy represents our primary concern. It is our primary concern and the top area of responsibility,” the President noted.

Speaking about appointments with regard to the Education Ministry, the head of state said he hopes that the new leadership will help address problems of the education system and get them moving towards resolution.

Addressing the tax and duties minister, Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed that his job was to find additional sources of revenues for the state budget without any tension for the public.

Speaking about the new head of the State Property Committee, the President gave instructions to introduce iron discipline in this sphere. “Taking inventory of and securing returns from the state property that we have now are the top priorities. The State Property Committee should follow a course of action and fulfill its functions the way it is done in other countries where this area of work has been well established already,” the head of state said.

Addressing the newly appointed economy minister and his deputy, Aleksandr Lukashenko said he believes that this alloy of experience and youth will produce results. “I would like to remind you once again that those above you — the head of the National Bank, the first vice premier, and the prime minister — are also economists. These five people will be responsible with their heads for the situation in the country as far as financial and economic development is concerned,” the head of state said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko said he hopes that Nikolai Snopkov’s expertise as former economy minister will be fully utilized in the Belarus President Administration.

Speaking about the heads of industrial enterprises, the head of state told them to produce results, to remodel the production sector and secure higher standards.

Explaining the personnel decisions, Aleksandr Lukashenko remarked that the decisions were made prior to the new year for the sake of giving the newly appointed civil servants some time to think about how they will start the new year in order to act without delays right after the Christmas celebration.

“The presidential election is an exam for all of us. Everyone should work in a way to stay above public reproach,” the President stressed.