Working trip to Minsk Oblast

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The forestry industry is the second most important branch for Belarus after agriculture, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said during the visit to the Kozyri forest area in Logoisk District, Minsk Oblast, on 26 April.

The President pointed out the importance of forest resources for Belarus. “Agriculture and forests give a lot of resources to us. We should use them. For example, Finland’s economy relies on it,” Aleksandr Lukashenko noted.

“Forests give resources to us. Let’s us rely on these resources and do something. Are there any issues with rural areas today? No. Farmers sow and gather crops efficiently,” the head of state said.

He stressed that the Forestry Minister has necessary authorities. ”We have given everything he needs to solve issues in the forestry industry. He has all he authorities. Forests are very important for us,” the President said.

The President was made familiar with timber harvesting in Logoisk District and was shown what equipment is used for it.

The head of state mentioned the use of specialized equipment in the forest areas polluted by radiation. Forestry Minister of Belarus Mikhail Amelyanovich said that all forest areas in Gomel Oblast and Mogilev Oblast use such equipment. It is used in all 47 polluted areas. He also noted that only 2% of timber Is polluted in these districts. Other materials can be utilized.

There are 97 forest companies in Belarus. The Minister confirmed that the country has enough forest resources to produce sufficient amount of timber. Mikhail Amelyanovich noted that there were disputes about what logging equipment to use. They decided to use handling equipment in stead of chainsaws. This decision helped raise the efficiency of the industry.

The forestry minister said that the main reasons for wood fires now are grass burning and trans-border fires which are spread to the Belarusian territory from the territory of other countries. “There have been many fires in Russia and Ukraine this year,” the minister said.

Apart from that, the Belarusian President was that special cameras are used in forests to record offences. This technical innovation has already proved effective in a number of Belarusian regions.

Aleksandr Lukashenko said that it is needed to resume the practice of planting trees along motorways.

The head of state also touched upon the processing of forestry wastes.

Aleksandr Lukashenko deems it necessary to run local fuels at boiler houses in agrotowns.

The head of state gave an instruction to solve this issue by the end of the year. “If you manage to do it in August or September it will be great. This issue is of paramount importance,” Aleksandr Lukashenko added.