Aleksandr Lukashenko presents awards to distinguished Belarusians

  • 24

President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko presented state awards of the Republic of Belarus for 2012 to distinguished people of the country.

This is the first time that the ceremony has been held in a special hall for such occasions in the new Palace of Independence. "Thus we once again show the profound respect of the state to its citizens, to their labor achievements and creative victories which the whole country is proud of," said the Belarusian leader.

Speaking of the awardees, Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed that the choice was a very difficult one. The works of many talented researchers, scientists and artists were submitted for the open competition. "It was decided to present the awards to those teams whose achievements are the result of many years of activity of the strong and reputable schools which traditions were laid down in the Soviet times, have been multiplied in the years of independence," the President said.

This time the State Award in Science and Technology has been awarded to three teams. Among them are representatives of the National School of Chemical Synthesis of the Belarusian State University Mikhail Artemyev, Anatoly Lesnikovich and Oleg Ivashkevich. These scientists have created more than 100 inorganic compounds based on micro-and nano-sized particles, which are widely used in various fields - from the production of rocket fuel to combating pathogens.

The work of Leonid Tanin, Piotr Moiseenko and Nikolai Makarevich deserves high appreciation too. The team has developed holographic protection of documents and securities. "This is a promising area that has been actively developing in our country. Over 30 billion holograms have been made in recent years. The third of the exhibits at the world's expo Holography 2012 in Astana was from Belarus,” said the head of state.

The State Award in Science and Technology was also conferred on the team of Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant: Andrei Golovach, Yuri Nikolayev, and Evgeny Gorko. They have designed and started the mass production of the four-generation truck-tractors and chassis. "Products made based on their design form the basis of the missile forces and air defense of Belarus and Russia, and are exported to 30 countries of the world," said the Belarusian leader.

The winners of the State Award in Art and Architecture were also honored during the official ceremony. Viktor Manayev, Olga Matskevich and Andrei Zubrich have been honored in recognition of their artistic contribution to the production of the play "Pinsk Shlyakhta" at the Yanka Kupala Theater.

The lead singer of the Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater Nina Sharubina has been awarded the prize in recognition of her contribution to the development of opera art in Belarus.

State awards were also presented to the team of Minsk Arena Valery Kutsko, Vladimir Budayev and Anatoly Shabalin. “They demonstrated a truly innovative approach to building the world-class sporting facilities. Today Minsk Arena is turning into an important social, cultural and sports center of the city. The architectural features of the city of the future are continued in the new buildings of the capital,” the head of state noted.

Speaking of Minsk Arena, Aleksandr Lukashenko underlined that due to the construction of this facility Belarus got a chance to host the world ice hockey championship. "If we did not have the arena we would not host the world championship,” he said.

Workers in various fields were presented state awards of Belarus. Workers of the Minsk Motor Plant have been presented the Medals of Honor in recognition of their significant contribution to the development of production and improvement of quality of goods.

The ceremony was attended by representatives of the agricultural industry of Belarus, who were awarded the honorary titles and awards for the fruitful work in the agricultural industry and high results.

The Order for Service to the Homeland Third Class was presented to representatives of law enforcement.

The head of state also thanked the representatives of creative intelligentsia, awarded them honorary titles and awards. "Great singers of the Belarusian State Philharmonic Society, artists enrich the Belarusian culture, delight us with their talent and skills, and raise a new generation of gifted artists," the President noted.

In addition, the titles "Honored Master of Sports of the Republic of Belarus" and "Honored Coach of the Republic of Belarus" were awarded to those who have contributed significantly to the development of physical education and sports.

Aleksandr Lukashenko wished the awardees that their awards become yet another milestone on the way to new achievements.