Belarus’ Criminal Procedure Code amended to make punishment for genocide inevitable

    Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko has signed the law on amending the Criminal Procedure Code of the Republic of Belarus. The document is designed to make punishment for genocide and other grave crimes inevitable and to restore historical justice.

    According to the law, it is inadmissible to refuse to open a criminal case and it is inadmissible to terminate a criminal case against individuals, who have died and have committed imprescriptible crimes against peace and security of humanity, including genocide as well as war crimes.

    Close family members can represent such individuals. If they refuse to participate in the process, the criminal case can still be investigated and court proceedings may ensue.

    Court proceedings will follow general rules with mandatory participation of a defense counsel.

    If the guilt of the diseased individual is proven, a guilty verdict will be pronounced against the said individual without assigning a penalty.