On the Development of Entrepreneurship Initiative and Stimulation of Business Activity in the Republic of Belarus

Directive No 4 of 31 December 2010
This is a programme document aimed at further liberalization of the economy and unfettering of business initiative, creation of favourable conditions for dynamic and sustainable development of the Republic of Belarus.

The Directive comprises nine sections, each one focusing on removing the existing barriers that businesses encounter in their activity.

The names of these sections are formulated in the form of conceptual system-based requirements to all state institutions and organizations, public associations and citizens of the country:

1. To ensure further development of fair competition between businesses regardless of their form of ownership.

2. To create conditions for efficient execution of business activities.

3. To remove excessive administrative barriers to facilitate better interaction between state institutions and bodies and private business and citizens.

4. To complete the harmonization of the Belarusian tax system with the systems applied in European countries. To adjust the tax regulations so as to ensure they stimulate bona-fide execution of tax obligations and encourage business initiative.

5. To change the nature of surveillance (supervision) activities making them preventive; to switch to using predominantly preventive measures aimed at preventing law violations in business activities.

6. To improve the infrastructure and system of financing small business with a view to stimulating entrepreneurship activities and providing efficient support to small businesses (legal, organizational and financial support).

7. To exclude excessive regulation of the labour market.

8. To create a legal framework stimulating the development of state-private business partnership in the Republic of Belarus.

9. To ensure unambiguous legal regulation and stability of the legislation regulating entrepreneurship activities.

Please see the Russian version of this site for the full text of the Directive.