On the conferment of the awards For Spiritual Revival

Decree No. 516 of 31 December 2016

The President conferred five awards For Spiritual Revival in 2016 on the groups of authors in recognition of their vigorous humanitarian activities.

One of the prizes was conferred on Abbot of St. Elisha Lavrishevo Monastery of the Novogrudok diocese Father Evsevy (Konstantin Tyukhlov) in recognition of a big contribution to the spiritual, moral, and patriotic education of youth, organization of the activities of the monastery, and helping people in difficult life situations, alcohol and drug addicts.

The prize was also conferred in the personnel of the Belarusian rehabilitation center for disabled children in recognition of their comprehensive work in the rehabilitation of children aged 3 to 18 years, creation of the barrier-free environment helping to eradicate certain stereotypes, instill hope and self-confidence in children.

The award For Spiritual Revival was bestowed upon the MaximTankBelarusianStatePedagogicalUniversity for the development and promotion of the volunteer movement of students, organization of more than 800 charity campaigns, concert programs and dramatized performances every year for children in orphanages, boarding schools, and rehabilitation centers.

The award was presented to the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus for a big number of events promoting the patriotic education of people, including children, students and working youth, employed population, veterans of war and labor. One of the events was the large-scale renovation of the Mound of Glory.

The prize was conferred on head of the residential and public architecture chair of the Belarusian National Technical University Sergei Sergachev for the publication of the unique book Vernacular Architecture of Belarus. History and Present Days. Apart from that, he was doing his best to preserve vernacular architecture objects of historical and cultural value in the country.

Such decrees on presenting awards attest to the ongoing attention of the state to the creation of a healthy spiritual atmosphere in Belarus and the promotion of the Belarusian culture and art.

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