Belarus is a great place for ecotourism, as it abounds in pristine natural environments and offers a variety of exciting wildlife expeditions. There are natural areas in Belarus that you will not find anywhere else in Europe.

Belarus is among the ten most forested countries in Europe. Forests occupy 46% of the country area.
Landscapes of Belarus

The highest point of Belarus is Dzerzhinsky Hill which is 345m high. The largest water body is Naroch Lake with an area of 79.62km2. Wetlands occupy about 30% of the country, which is why Belarus is called the “lungs of Europe”.

Ecotourists are highly recommended to explore the country’s national parks Narochansky, Pripyatsky, Braslav Lakes, Belovezhskaya Pushcha, Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve, Nalibokskaya Pushcha, Blue Lakes and many other places of interest.