BRSM Youth Union

BRSM Youth Union

Belarus is one of few countries in the post-Soviet space where the President personally oversees the national youth policy. The youth policy has been evolving throughout the years of Belarus’ independence. Now Belarus has created a great environment for uncovering creativity, nurturing talents and supporting initiatives of young Belarusians.

In 2002 two big organizations – the Belarusian Youth Union and the Belarusian Patriotic Youth Union - merged into one public association called the Belarusian National Youth Union (or BRSM Youth Union).

The new organization was broadly supported by Aleksandr Lukashenko, President of Belarus . Addressing the delegates of the 38th joint congress of the Belarusian Youth Union and the Belarusian Patriotic Youth Union, the Head of State stressed that a unified youth organization should become one of the pillars of the Belarusian society.

The youth movement of the independent country got a new impetus in 2015, which was declared the Year of Youth in Belarus on the initiative of the BRSM Youth Union.

Today the organization unites the most active representatives of the new generation, who strive to make their own life and the lives of their peers more interesting and more meaningful, to build a prosperous Belarus.

The BRSM Youth Union encourages young people to be proactive and, through social mobility, provides the youth with a wide range of opportunities.

The main activities of the BRSM Youth Union include:

  • civic and patriotic education (including the movement of youth public order teams),
  • secondary employment,
  • volunteering,
  • support for talented young people,
  • international cooperation,
  • promotion of a healthy lifestyle among young people.

With the development of new technologies, the public association actively expands its presence online, offers support in the implementation of innovative projects.

The biggest youth initiatives were the nationwide patriotic project Flowers of the Great Victory and the youth marathon Belarus Remembers. Dear Faces of Victory aimed at preserving the memory of every participant of Belarus’ liberation from the Nazis and of the Great Victory.

With the assistance of the state, the BRSM Youth Union has revived a signature project of Komsomol: student construction brigades attracting dozens of thousands of students every year.

Volunteers of the BRSM movement Kind Heart take care of young people and children in difficult life situations. They also help elderly people and take an active part in the preparations for various international competitions such as the 2014 IIHF World Championship, the 2nd European Games, etc.

The biggest projects of the BRSM Youth Union

  • The charity marathon All Colors of Life for You; 
  • Youth Day at the International Arts Festival Slavonic Bazaar in Vitebsk; 
  • National contests and projects 100 Ideas for Belarus, Lord of the Farms, Park of Family Trees, Daddy Gym.

The project Belarus - the Source of Inspiration encourages young people to preserve Belarusian traditions and national symbols, to popularize the Belarusian national ornament.

The youth union is always looking for new forms and ideas and welcomes everybody who are ready to cooperate and implement joint projects. This is how the nationwide project “YA | Youth Award” was launched.

The future of Belarus directly depends on active young people who can think outside the box and find appropriate responses to challenges of the times. Since its establishment, the BRSM has helped young people grow as individuals and citizens, shaping their active life stance and training specialists for the whole public administration system.

On 28 October 2018, during a meeting with the BRSM representatives in the Palace of Independence, Aleksandr Lukashenko pointed out to the need to enhance the role of the youth movement in the country. “You need to make your mind and signal the society and the youth what you will be doing. As for government authorities, we need to say, without fear, honestly and truthfully, how much authority we can give to the youth, how they can help the government, and how we will support them,” the President stressed.

The Head of State commended the BRSM for its achievements. The President presented the Honorary National Flag of the Republic of Belarus to the BRSM Youth Union to celebrate the 85th anniversary of the All-Union Leninist Young Communist League (Komsomol).

In recognition of its significant contribution to civic education and promotion of patriotism among the youth, the BRSM Central Committee was honored with Belarus President’s award For Spiritual Revival in 2015.