Light Industry

The light industry of the Republic of Belarus constitutes nearly 2,000 enterprises with the total number of employees in excess of 80,000 people (according to the preliminary data for 2020). In terms of money spent by individuals on products and services the light industry comes third after food and transportation.

About 60% of the products made by Belarusian light industry are exported to 52 countries across the globe.

The largest manufacturers and exporters are OAO Orsha Linen Mill, OAO Kamvol, OAO Mogotex, OAO Baranovichi Cotton Production Amalgamation (Blakit), OAO Vitebsk Carpets, OAO Lenta, OAO Svitanak, OAO Polesie, SOOO Conte Spa, OAO Brest Stocking Mill, SP ZAO Milavitsa, and OAO Slomin Worsted and Spinning Factory.

For the last few years a number of Belarusian light industry companies regularly become winners of industry awards such as Leader of the Consumer Market, Leader of the Year, The Best Products of the Republic of Belarus, and Belarus Beauty Awards.