Construction Industry

The construction industry of the Republic of Belarus comprises more than 10,000 architectural, city-planning and construction organizations of various forms of ownership with over 212,000 employees (according to the preliminary data for 2020).

The Belarusian construction industry provides services in industrial and civil construction, construction of healthcare institutions and agricultural organizations, sports facilities, residential districts. Construction and installation organizations apply cutting-edge technologies to implement the boldest architectural solutions, erect unique buildings, renovate and repair existing facilities.

A list of landmark construction projects in Belarus includes the railway station, the National Library, the National Olympic Committee, the Great Patriotic War Museum, the Palace of Independence and the National Flag Square in Minsk; the Summer Amphitheater in Vitebsk; the football stadium in Borisov.

Belarusian builders have also erected many important industrial facilities. As of today, the biggest and most ambitious construction project in the country is the Belarusian nuclear power plant. Other large-scale projects are the renovation of Mozyr Oil Refinery and OAO Naftan.

The main objective of the Belarusian construction industry is to boost the export of construction services. The most popular segments are housing and road construction, erection of social infrastructure facilities (schools, kindergartens).

The Russian Federation traditionally remains Belarus’ major partner in the construction services market. However, the export geography is expanding.

Cooperation with Chinese, Ukrainian, Serbian, Polish, Italian, Lithuanian, Israeli construction organizations has been developing rapidly.

Non-CIS countries account for more a half of the entire export of construction services in Belarus.