Union State

The Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation signed the Union State Treaty on 8 December 1999.
Union State

Under the Treaty, Belarus and Russia have set a number of important guidelines, one of which is the establishment of the common economic space. This goal is achieved on the phase-by-phase principle. The partnership between Belarus and Russia is built on the principles of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the states, responsible fulfillment by the parties of their international obligations.

Belarus and Russia are the most important trading and economic partners for each other.

The integration in the Union State is far more advanced in terms of some institutions and practices than, for example, in the Eurasian Economic Union. For example, the Union State has the institutions of Union State budget and the Union State property (infrastructure, knowledge), which are not yet characteristic of other integration associations.

The Union State programs in various fields (space, information technology, microelectronics, agriculture, border security, Chernobyl relief, etc.) are funded from the Union State budget. Since 2000, over RUB50 billion has been allocated on them. In 2019, the Union State carried out 12 programs in space, military-technical, agricultural, and medical sectors, and also microelectronics and hydrometeorology.

To further the work on creating the common economic space, the governments of Belarus and Russia have drafted a program of action to implement the Union State Treaty provisions and the road maps to it. The program and the road maps have been prepared in strict accordance with the treaty and without revision of its provisions.