Additional options for spending family capital early offered to Belarusians

    Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko signed decree No.69 on 23 February. The decree improves the procedure for granting family capital.

    The document provides for introducing additional conditions for spending family capital early on improving housing conditions: the lack of owned real estate with the total area of 15m2 and more per capita (10m2 and more in Minsk), the agreement to remove the person from the housing registry after using the family capital on these goals.

    The decree forbids parting with the housing that has been acquired using family capital for five years as from the property ownership registration date for the premises, the right to own which was registered prior to 2022.

    In line with the decree family capital can be spent on medical services only in state-run healthcare institutions and if the money is transferred stage by stage (up to 50% when the contract is signed and the rest during the final transaction after the medical services have been received).

    Apart from that, the decree addresses the matter of returning inappropriately spent money to the state budget (if citizens violate laws and regulations on managing and using family capital).