Old New Year reception

  • 20
  • 11:03

Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko hosted the old New Year reception on 12 January.

“Belarus has crossed the threshold of the new year. We have welcomed it with good hopes which are inseparably connected with the events of the past year,” the head of state said. “Old New Year gives a great chance to sum up the results and take the best things that we have done, that we have been proud of, that we are proud of, that we admire with us to the new year. These are, first of all, hard work of professionals who are in this hall today – journalists, art luminaries, teachers, social workers.”

The reception was also attended by people in charge of government decision making, improvement of the healthcare system, maintenance of peace and stability in the society, protection of the borders and security of the country, Aleksandr Lukashenko added.