President to Youth

Dear boys and girls,

You will become adults very soon. Society no longer sees you as children, but as young individuals capable of making informed choices and taking responsibility not only for yourselves but also for other people, for the future of our country. You should study a lot to succeed. Your achievements are the pillars of success of the entire country, our beloved Belarus.

"I would like to address our youth. You have grown in a new, independent country. You are the pillar of the state. You shape its future, its prospects, economic and intellectual potential. You show great promise when you win sports events, research forums and Olympiads and art competitions and bring honor to our country. The state opens all doors for you. We rely on the youth to promote the country’s innovative economic development, upgrade production facilities, and bring fresh blood to the management at all levels. Who dares wins! Be creative and reach new heights but keep in mind that you are responsible for the country that raised you."

Aleksandr Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus

Today young people in Belarus enjoy equal rights to receive high-quality education, get a job, make a family and fulfill their potential in the interests of the society. The first steps to support young people in Belarus were taken by Aleksandr Lukashenko virtually from the first days in office. The head of state suggested developing the state youth policy, its main areas and legal framework. In total, over 50 normative legal acts have been adopted to shape the youth policy in Belarus. Funds have been set up to support gifted and talented youth. Personal scholarships are awarded. A lot has been done to make every young person living in Belarus confident that their country needs them and that it is here where they can fulfill their aspirations.