State Committee on Property

General information

The State Committee on Property conducts a uniform public policy in the field of land relations, geodesic and mapping activities, naming geographical objects, registration of real estate, the rights to it and transactions with it, property relations (including management, disposal, privatization, evaluation and accounting of property owned by Belarus), with the exception of privatization of public housing facilities, and maintenance of the relevant cadasters and registers.

Main tasks

  • to keep records and manage state property;
  • to handle equity shares, exercise corporate governance and owner supervision;
  • to reform and conduct privatization of state-owned enterprises;
  • to regulate land relations;
  • to regulate and coordinate geodesic and mapping activities;
  • to provide services in state registration of real estate, rights to it and transactions with it;
  • to take sock of real estate;
  • to conduct independent assessment of the value of objects of civil rights.
State Committee on Property


12 Krasnozvezdny Pereulok, Minsk, 220005, Belarus

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