National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

General information

The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (NASB) is the highest state scientific organization of the Republic of Belarus. It is in charge of organizing, conducting and coordinating basic and applied research, providing organizational and technical support for state scientific expertise. The NASB acts as the country’s main organization for scientific and methodological support for informatization.

Main tasks

  • to provide scientific support for economic, social and legislative development of the Republic of Belarus, its culture, efficient use of natural resources and environmental protection;
  • to organize and coordinate basic and applied research;
  • to implement a unified state policy, to coordinate and regulate activities of organizations in the field of research and the use of outer space for peaceful purposes;
  • to organize and carry out research of polar regions of Earth;
  • to introduce advanced solutions developed in Belarus in pharmaceutical industry, agro-industrial complex, biotechnological production, new materials industry and other high-tech sectors of the economy;
  • to compile and submit for approval lists of priority areas of fundamental and applied research;
  • to discover essentially new ways towards sci-tech progress, participate in the development of recommendations on the use of achievements of domestic and world science;
  • to create conditions for development of scientific schools, training of researchers of highest qualifications and advanced training of scientists and experts;
  • to conduct social research;
  • to conduct geophysical monitoring and wildlife monitoring, as well as integrated monitoring of natural ecological systems in specially protected natural areas.
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