Department for Humanitarian Affairs at the Belarus President Property Management Directorate

General information

The Department for Humanitarian Affairs is a structural subdivision of the Belarus President Administration with the rights of a legal entity to pursue the state policy in the humanitarian field. The department is responsible for accounting, storage, evaluation and sale of property (except for monetary funds, securities, as well as property rights, shares in the authorized funds of legal entities), withdrawn, arrested, confiscated or otherwise converted to the income of the state, and also property exempted from arrest by the body conducting criminal proceedings.

Main tasks

  • to implement the state policy in humanitarian activities, including children’s recuperation trips abroad;
  • to register property as well as foreign gratuitous aid coming to the Republic of Belarus, except for international technical aid and other types of foreign gratuitous aid provided under projects and programs approved by the President or in accordance with interstate agreements;
  • to supervise accounting, storage, assessment, marketing, or other use of property;
  • to interact with government agencies authorized by legislation to seize or arrest property;
  • to coordinate activity of all legal entities and individuals regarding humanitarian programs, including children’s recuperation trips abroad;
  • to regulate, oversee, and provide methodological support for activities of authorized agencies, commissions for accounting, storage, assessment, marketing, or other use of property that was seized, arrested, confiscated or turned into government income by any other means, at regional executive committees and the Minsk City Executive Committee.


7 Krasnoarmeiskaya Street, Minsk, 220030

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