President with Children

"All parents want their children to be happy. They want to give all the best to their children and teach them every skill they might need in the future. The state is also committed to bringing up intelligent youth. Please remember that your Motherland is right here, that in your native country your talents may blossom and truly inspire you to fulfill all ideas and plans."

1 September in Belarus

The First Bell ceremonies are happy and inspiring occasions for students as they gather to celebrate the beginning of the new school year. Back-to-school ceremonies become even more special when the President is attending.

New Year celebrations

New Year’s Eve parties, Christmas charity campaigns with decorated trees and fairytale costumes are cherished traditions for little kids in Belarus. Gifts and the warmest wishes from the Head of State.

President with little kids

Adorable moments between Aleksandr Lukashenko and little kids will melt your heart.

Sports events

Ice hockey, football, basketball games, sports festivals are the kind of events that Aleksandr Lukashenko likes to attend and take an active part in!

Public holidays

Little citizens of Belarus are regular participants of public holiday celebrations. A photo with the President is, probably, the best element of patriotic education!

At the Palace of Independence

The grandiose halls of the Palace of Independence are open not only for adults – Belarusians can be heroes since childhood. Aleksandr Lukashenko invites distinguished compatriots, big and small, to his residence. By the way, young visitors enjoy the tours of the palace very much. A photo with the President is a nice bonus!

Special meetings

Aleksandr Lukashenko always supports and takes care of children in need! Even children from foreign countries. The President treats all of them with care!