National Coat of Arms 

Государственный герб Республики Беларусь

The National Coat of Arms highlights major national and spiritual values of Belarusians, namely, civil unity, diligence, peacefulness.

The contour of Belarus in the center is a symbol of the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

A wreath of golden wheat heads, flax and clover flowers symbolizes wellbeing and prosperity. From each side, the wreath is interlaced with a red-and-green ribbon carrying two golden lines “THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS” in the middle part of the foundation of the National Coat of Arms.

The globe symbolizes the will to live in peace and accord and to cooperate with all countries.

The rising sun is a symbol of life and good fortune.

A star is a symbol of a human being and mankind, a sign of courage and virtue, big aspirations of the nation.