Aleksandr Lukashenko receives credentials from foreign ambassadors

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Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko received credentials from ambassadors of eight countries on 15 February.

The ambassadors of Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Türkiye, Japan, Nepal, the Sultanate of Oman and the Republic of Guinea presented their credentials to the Belarusian head of state.

Addressing the attendees, Aleksandr Lukashenko emphasized: “We believe that in order to make people’s lives better, we need lasting security, a just world, and a fair distribution of resources and outcomes of work. This can be achieved if we join forces instead of working separately. Only through peace and stability will we be able to guarantee a decent future for our children and grandchildren.”

Therefore, Belarus’ foreign policy is underpinned by the principles of respect, equality and justice. Belarus is ready for dialogue on any issue with all countries of the world without exception. Yet, Belarus pays special attention to cooperation with countries that have developed close relations with Belarus, that are also willing to cooperate and discuss any topics.

In line with an established tradition, the President of Belarus briefly reviewed cooperation with each of the countries represented at the ceremony.


“We greatly value our strategic partnership with Azerbaijan,” Aleksandr Lukashenko emphasized at the ceremony. He thanked Ilham Aliyev for his constructive approach and noted that his landslide re-election win has demonstrated the enormous public support that he enjoys in Azerbaijan. The Belarusian head of state proposed stepping up efforts to actualize the agreements between the two leaders in order to address issues in areas of interest.


Uzbekistan is viewed as Belarus’ strategic partner in Central Asia, so cooperation with this country is vitally important for Belarus, the President remarked.

Aleksandr Lukashenko expressed gratitude to President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev for the recent warm welcome and meaningful dialogue, which will very soon result in new breakthrough projects and interregional contacts.

“Mr. Ambassador, having worked in Belarus, you are well familiar with our country. I believe that you will make a meaningful contribution to implementing our highest-level agreements and will make use of all your knowledge and experience to strengthen bilateral ties,” the head of state said.


Speaking about cooperation with Kyrgyzstan, the President noted that this country is a friend and reliable partner of Belarus. The bilateral trade has been constantly growing in recent years. “But we can do much better,” Aleksandr Lukashenko is confident. “We are able to significantly ramp up trade and economic cooperation, and make our contacts systemic and consistent.”


“Türkiye is a long-time strategic partner of Belarus,” said the President. “Minsk and Ankara both prioritize national interests, national security, acknowledge the importance of the traditional family, preserve historical memory and have many other things in common.” Belarus expects Türkiye to put forward proposals and initiatives that will benefit both states.


Aleksandr Lukashenko noted that Belarus seeks to resume full-fledged interaction with Japan. “We are ready to move along the path of cooperation as fast and as far as our Japanese partners want,” he said.

The President recalled that Minsk and Tokyo have unique experience of cooperation in scientific and humanitarian matters. Yet, bilateral cooperation should go beyond that to encompass other areas. “We are ready for this. We think highly of Japan as a high-tech nation of responsible, hardworking people, just like Belarusians. Let us look for ways to cooperate in this difficult situation,” Aleksandr Lukashenko suggested.


Time has come to utilize cooperation potential with Nepal more effectively, the President noted. He proposed starting with projects to upgrade the agricultural sector, industry and energy complex.

“We are ready to share our best practices, expertise and knowledge in science and technology, to train your students in the specialties that you are interested in,” the head of state said.

Sultanate of Oman

Belarus and the Sultanate of Oman have always had a high level of mutual understanding, stated Aleksandr Lukashenko. “Your country is one of our most important partners in the Middle East,” he said. “We need to resume our contacts and reinvigorate our cooperation. You have a wonderful country (I have visited it), you have wonderful people. Let’s work together.

According to the President, Belarus is ready to continue constructive political dialogue and to implement joint projects in investment, logistics and manufacturing. “I hope that you will be frequently hosted by the Belarusian government, organizations and enterprises,” the head of state said addressing the ambassador.

Republic of Guinea

Africa has recently become one of the main focuses of Belarus’ foreign policy, Aleksandr Lukashenko noted. According to him, Belarus is now actively establishing its economic foothold in this continent and expanding its diplomatic presence. “Having a certain experience of effective work in this region, we are ready to use it in the Republic of Guinea,” the President said. “The main drivers of cooperation are projects in trade and economy, primarily agricultural mechanization, joint extraction of minerals, infrastructure development, and primary health care.”


At the ceremony the President said that the Year of Quality is a course for modernization and technical re-equipment of production facilities.

“This does not just mean an improvement of consumer or operational characteristics of the products. This is a course for modernization and technical re-equipment of production facilities, creation of new jobs and cost reduction,” the head of state said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko is convinced that “such measures will give a strong impetus to our manufacturing sector”.

“We are ready for your proposals that will organically fit into the achievement of these goals as part of joint projects, exchange of experience and improvement of the latest developments,” the President emphasized addressing the ambassadors.

“Today you start a new stage in your professional life, and I am glad that you have chosen our country. For our part, we will do our best to make this period produce the best memories and benefits for us,” the head of state stressed.

“If you are interested in our experience of public administration, we are ready to share it,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

The President emphasized that Belarus was gearing up for significant historic events - the local and parliamentary elections and the formation of the Belarusian People's Congress.

The President added: "The celebration of the 80th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus from fascism will be a truly remarkable event for Belarusians this year. You will see how Belarusians keep the memory of the Great Patriotic War, its heroes and innocent victims.”

"We are always happy to meet friends and partners interested in strengthening relations with our country. This is not just diplomatic etiquette or a tribute to fashion," the head of state said. “Hospitality is one of the main Belarusian signature traits, which we are very proud of and pass on from generation to generation. Peace and harmony, the opportunity to work and develop in peace are the greatest values for Belarusians."

"This is why we are firmly committed to single and indivisible security. We stand for a new, more just world order, for development opportunities and a decent future for all, not only for the so-called golden billion," Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

"I believe that you will love Belarus as much as we, our residents and citizens, our guests do. I warmly congratulate you on the official start of your honorable and responsible diplomatic work in the Republic of Belarus," the head of state said.

"I wish you good health and, most importantly, that your tenure in Belarus becomes another step up in your diplomatic career. I wish you success and welcome to Belarus," Aleksandr Lukashenko said.