BelAZ worker, director of Druzhba poultry factory honored with Order of Labor Glory

    Sixty-eight representatives of various professions have been honored with state awards. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko has signed a corresponding decree.

    They received orders, medals and honorary titles in recognition of the many-year productive work, professional excellence, exemplary fulfillment of service duties, a big personal contribution to the enhancement of the country’s defense capacity, development of the manufacturing sector, agriculture and machine building, attainment of high production results, achievements in healthcare, education.

    The Order of Labor Glory has been conferred on Director General of the Druzhba poultry factorty Vasily Markevich and worker of OAO BelAZ - the managing company of the BelAZ Holding Company Sergei Lyutov.

    Order of Honor has been presented to seven representatives of various professions, including director of OAO Oktyabr Piotr Lavnikov, chief medical officer of the Vitebsk Oblast birthing center Yelena Leonovich, director of ZAO Servolux Agro Vasily Mazurik.

    Soldiers of the Armed forces have been honored with medals. Maksim Shashlo, warrant officer of the air defense missile battalion of the 740th air defense regiment of the Air Defense Force, has received the Medal for Saved Life. Sergei Gorshkov, commander of the radiation, chemical and biological protection battalion of the 8th radiation, chemical and biological protection brigade, and Andrei Peshchur, squadron commander of the same brigade, have been honored with the Medal for Excellence in Military Service.