Aleksandr Lukashenko presents state awards, general’s shoulder straps

  • 31
  • 10:01

Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko has presented state awards to distinguished Belarusians from various walks of life, including mothers of many children, as well as general’s shoulder straps to high-ranking officers and commanders. The solemn award ceremony took place at the Palace of Independence on 3 March.

The ceremony was attended by almost forty people who represent the army and law enforcement, as well as mothers of many children and women who have achieved great professional heights.

“I am sincerely proud of each of you, because I understand how hard it is to achieve success in any area, be it manufacturing, healthcare, education, art or sports,” the president said addressing the attendees.

The head of state noted that most of the awardees in attendance are women who successfully combine their career with the added responsibility for their families and children. “In addition to being a mother, you still manage to teach, cure, grow grain, create art objects, train champions who glorify Belarus, and at the same time you keep an eye on us, men, so that we do not go astray,” he added.

Aleksandr Lukashenko emphasized that from time immemorial, in any nation, in any culture, a woman has been at the center of everything. “Therefore, in our country, there is such a reverent attitude towards mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, as well as family, children and just loved ones. And this is one of the foundations, I would even say, the pillar of society. And we have cemented this foundation in the new Constitution of our country,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

“We have defended and will continue to defend our traditions. The adoption of the updated Constitution is a testimony to that. We will cherish the heroic history and Slavic brotherhood just like the memory of our ancestors. This mission is in every sense impossible without men. It has taken on new significance now,” the president noted.

Addressing the audience, the head of state noted: “I am speaking simply to you guys. No profession is more honorable than defending the Fatherland, serving the country and its people.” Presenting the general’s straps and awards, Aleksandr Lukashenko once again thanked the army and law enforcement for serving the Motherland.

Congratulating everyone on well-deserved awards and titles, the head of state once again thanked them for everything they do for the country and the people: “May there always be harmony in your families, order at work and peace in mind. May your children bring you joy, may your parents live long and may luck and success be always on your side.

“We really need this upcoming good, kind spring holiday now in these tense times. Therefore, I wish good health, peace and kindness to our heroic and delicate women,” the president added.

The head of state presented the Order of the Fatherland 2nd Class to the chief coach of the national trampolining team Olga Vlasova, the Order of Labor Glory to the chief coach of the national rhythmic gymnastics team Irina Leparskaya.

The Order for Service to the Homeland 3rd Class was awarded to Deputy Emergencies Minister Anatoly Dolgolevets and Chief of Aviation of the Emergencies Ministry Tadeush Kursevich. Aleksei Kharlamov, deputy commander for ideological work of the motorized rifle company of the 105th separate mechanized battalion of the 11th Separate Guards Mechanized Brigade, was awarded the Order for Personal Gallantry.

Headmaster of Ignat Buinitsky Prozorok Kindergarten - Secondary School from Glubokoye District Olga Ginko, and computer science teacher at Secondary School No. 4 of Dzerzhinsk Svetlana Puzinovskaya were awarded the Order of Francysk Skaryna.

The Medal of Francysk Skaryna was awarded to songwriter and performer, soloist of the Aura group Yulia Bykova and chief choreographer of the Youth Variety Theater Tatyana Trofimova.

Honorary titles were awarded to employees of law enforcement, the Armed Forces, as well as cultural figures. Among them were singer of the Belarusian State Academic Musical Theater Irina Zayanchkovskaya, actress of the Cinema Actor’s Theater Studio of the National Film Studio Belarusfilm Vera Polyakova-Makei, ballet dancer of the Belarusian State Academic Honored Choreographic Ensemble Khoroshki Yelena Yakubets.

For raising five or more children, Aleksandr Lukashenko presented the Order of Mother to Deputy Director for Academic Affairs of Vitebsk Secondary School No. 7 Olga Chernovskaya, and ballet dancer of the State Academic Dance Ensemble of Belarus Marina Khodak.

Those who received the general’s straps included Aleksandr Shepelev, head of the Security Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and Aleksandr Bas, Deputy Commander of the Western Operational Command.

Prior to the ceremony, the participants of the event were given a tour of the Palace of Independence.