On conferment of state awards

Decree No. 60 of 26 February 2021

Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko has signed Decree No. 60 to present the Order of Mother.

The award for giving birth to and raising five and more children has been bestowed upon women from all walks of life, including employees of manufacturing enterprises, the financial sector, the agricultural sector, housing and utilities, trade and communications, education, healthcare, social services as well as self-employed entrepreneurs and homemakers.

Among the awardees are director of the Chashniki District arts and crafts center Tatyana Zernova, worker of the Polotsk cadet school Nadezhda Babich, milking machine operator of OAO Barsuchanka, Dokshitsy District, Svetlana Agapotova, community worker of the Mozyr District territorial social services center Natalya Korotkaya, junior counsellor of the Buinovichi kindergarten Lyubov Petrova, teacher of the technological college of the Yanka Kupala Grodno State University Inna Postnik, accountant of the Gorki District post office of the Belarusian postal service Belpochta Oksana Vorobyeva, foster mother of the education department of the Oktyabrsky District administration of Mogilev Inna Zhukova, head of the Baryshevka medical and obstetric center of the Chaussy District hospital Olga Struchkova, worker of OAO Vishnevetsky-Agro Olga Kalinina, teacher of secondary school No. 4 in Maryina Gorka Svetlana Shulga.

The Order of Mother has been bestowed upon 135 women from Vitebsk Oblast, Gomel Oblast, Grodno Oblast, Mogilev Oblast, Minsk Oblast.