Sport Facilities

There are more than 23,000 sports facilities in Belarus. Each regional center has a sports palace, an indoor ice arena.

In recent years, the country has commissioned many facilities including: Chizhovka Arena cultural, entertainment and sports complex in Minsk, Lebyazhy Water Park with an aqua-zone and social infrastructure, Mandarin multifunctional physical and recreational complex, a freestyle training center, and a technical center of national football teams. Sports and recreational centers have opened in Berezino, Brest, Borisov, Volozhin, Kostyukovichi, Stolbtsy, Stolin, Cherven, Ushachi, Raubichi, and Krasnopolye.  A sports complex for team sports with a ski-roller track has been built in Orsha. Baranovichi, Lida, Borisov, Ivatsevichi have now new stadiums while Shklov has got an ice arena.

World-class sports facilities are available both to professional athletes and sports enthusiasts.

Dinamo Stadium

Dinamo Stadium in Minsk

Dinamo Stadium is the country’s main sports venue. This multifunctional facility hosts not only top-level competitions, but also concerts, festivals and corporate events. The stadium’s capacity is 22,000, its arena is 47,015m2 big.

Shooting Center

Sports and Shooting Complex. S. Timoshenko

The center named after Marshal Timoshenko was built in Minsk in 1971. The facility has hosted a great number of events since then. Belarus’ shooting team brings home medals from every major international event, which makes them one of the world’s best shooting teams. The team has won more than 30 gold medals at world-class events.

The complex received a major face-lift in the run-up to the 2nd European Games. Now it meets the necessary requirements to host international tournaments.

Raubichi Olympic Center

Republican center of Olympic training in winter sports "Raubichi"

The center is 60 hectares big and has a roller ski track, 20-km tracks for cross-country running, a modern shooting range, a set of ski ramps and slopes, a slalom track, gyms and a hockey arena for training sessions.

Raubichi is a training ground for biathletes and ski runners, freestyle skiing athletes, ice skaters, ski jumpers, Nordic Combined skiers and hockey players. The center received the UIPMB golden badge. In 1996 the International Biathlon Union assigned the 'A' category to Raubichi and granted it a license to host top-level competitions, without any exceptions.

Stayki National Olympic Center

Stayki is the country’s biggest training ground. Athletes in more than 20 sports train for European and world championships and Olympic Games here. The center is 82.71 hectares big. It meets international quality standards and is known as a world-class training venue. Starting from the 1972 Summer Olympics Stayki has been the home ground for national teams getting ready for Summer Olympics. 

Regatta Course Zaslavl

Regatta Course Zaslavl

This is a training ground for rowing, kayaking and canoeing teams. After a major renovation effort of 2011 the regatta course turned into a modern well-equipped facility used for international events, training sessions and recuperation and rejuvenation programs for athletes.

The center hosted the 2013 European Rowing Junior Championships, the 2014 World University Canoe Sprint Championships, the 2016 ICF Junior & U23 Canoe Sprint World Championships, and the 2nd European Games. This year it will host the 2020 World University Canoe Sprint Championships.

National Olympic Equestrian Center in Ratomka

National Olympic Equestrian Center in Ratomka

The center meets all international standards. Its sport infrastructure includes an open sand arena, a competitive field with stands, four indoor arenas, two sport halls, six outdoor training grounds, a field triathlon course, and standard stables. The center in Ratomka is the CIS only center  offering centralized youth/juniors training programs.

Skiing Complex and Resort Logoisk

Skiing Complex and Resort Logoisk

The Skiing Complex and Resort Logoisk has been open since 2004. It offers European-class service to skiing and snowboarding fans. The design of the complex is a blend of traditional Belarusian motives and an Alpine touch. Several tracks of varying difficulty are open for skiing. The resort is ready to welcome guests all year round. Enthusiasts of outdoor activities are free to use local professional indoor tennis courts, a football field, volleyball courts, and a sauna and sport complex.

National Skiing Center Silichi

The National Skiing Center Silichi is a gem of the national tourism and recreation industry. It was opened in 2005. It was built upon the initiative of Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko as part of a government public health improvement program.

A suburb of Logoisk was chosen as the venue for its hilly landscape. The terrain boasts natural elevation changes of up to 76 meters. When 30 meters was added to it artificially, it resulted in rather steep inclines with elevation changes of up to 100 meters, which are great for speed skiing down the hill.

The Silichi center is harmoniously built into the local terrain. Valuable tree species were preserved during construction, including centuries-old oaks and fir trees. Apart from skiing tracks the center includes a hotel complex and a sport hall used as an indoor rink in winter.

Sports Palace Uruchie

Sports Palace Uruchie

The Sports Palace Uruchie opened in early 2016 in the location previously occupied by the field-and-track sports complex SKA in Minsk’s Uruchie neighborhood.

Here you can play handball, futsal, volleyball, tennis, badminton, table tennis, bowling, and other sports.

All the halls are equipped in accordance with barrier-free environment requirements. People with disabilities can fully use the services of the complex and actively participate in sporting events.

Multifunctional sport and entertainment complex Minsk Arena

Multifunctional sport and entertainment complex Minsk Arena

Built to cutting-edge technologies, Minsk Arena is Europe’s largest sports facility. It has everything necessary for practicing 30 sports. It includes a multifunctional main arena able to seat up to 15,000 people, a speed skating track with stands for 3,000 spectators, and a cycling ground for 2,000 people.

Minsk Arena received very favorable reviews from the International Ice Hockey Federation and world-class ice hockey players. The venue hosted games of the 2014 IIHF World Championship. 

Multipurpose sports complex Chizhovka Arena

Multipurpose sports complex Chizhovka Arena

The complex is located near the Chizhovka water reservoir and has a seating capacity of around 10,000.

Chizhovka Arena was designed with the use of the latest technological solutions. Thanks to its multifunctionality and cutting-edge equipment, the arena can host top-level sporting events, training sessions, and entertainment shows. It is also perfect for pastime activities. The complex consists of two arenas – the Big Arena and the Small Arena, each comprising a number of halls and gyms.