Priorities and Achievements of Belarusian Science

Priorities and Achievements of Belarusian Science
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Belarusian science follows a target-oriented approach in addressing topical tasks, such as:

  • conducting fundamental and applied research, developing new solutions that are meant to foster economic growth and improve the well-being of people;
  • providing long-term outlooks and drawing up the development strategy across key areas of science and technology;
  • developing scientific rationale for priority avenues of research and innovations;
  • maintaining scientific, technological and information security of the Belarusian people and the state;
  • building scientific, technological and engineering capacity and laying groundwork for new points of growth and science-intensive industries of the highest technological paradigms, first of all, information technology, aviation and space, nano- and biotechnology, new materials and pharmaceutical substances, nuclear and renewable energy. This will help, among other things, address sustainable development challenges and ease the burden on the environment;
  • providing comprehensive scientific support for accelerated upgrade of Belarus’ traditional industries and establishing a neo-industrial complex that is up to the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, with the ultimate goal of preserving and multiplying strategic competitive advantages of Belarus;
  • developing systemic economic and structural measures to stimulate innovation, development and commercialization of intellectual property objects;
  • building human capacity in science;
  • popularizing scientific achievements, improving the image and status of intellectual activity, promoting innovative culture.
Belarus is proud of its world-class scientific schools that specialize in a number of fundamental areas, including optics, quantum electronics and photonics, mathematics, thermal physics and energy, materials science, mechanical engineering, geology, genetics and cytology, bio-organic chemistry, agricultural and social sciences.

The science development prospects are reflected in the strategy “Science and Technology: 2018-2040” approved at the 2nd Congress of Scientists of Belarus. The strategy defines the priorities for long-term development of science and technology, a set of tools and mechanisms to improve the science and technology sectors to ensure high growth and increased competitiveness of the national economy, to facilitate its integration into the international innovation space, while guaranteeing national security and sovereignty. 

The strategy provides for a unified system of priority areas of scientific and innovation activity in Belarus. Priorities are adopted for a five-year period and make the basis for the development of state research programs, state, industrial, and regional science and technology programs, the state program for innovative development and individual innovation projects.

The strategy provides the framework for the “projects of the future” to create new points of growth, sectors and industries with a high competitive edge.