Innovative Development

Research institutions and state administration bodies cooperate in science and innovation on a systemic basis. Top on the agenda is comprehensive upgrade of the manufacturing industry, improvement of the structure of the economy, and promotion of latest R&D solutions related to the highest technological paradigms.

Innovative development is one of the priorities in the Republic of Belarus.

The National Program of Innovative Development of the Republic of Belarus for 2016-2020 (hereinafter referred to as NPIR) is a crucial instrument in the process.

Plenary meeting of scientists in Minsk
Plenary meeting of the II Congress of Scientists in Minsk. Full size

Eleven facilities set up as part of NIPR projects were commissioned and ten facilities reached the designed capacity in 2019. The output of products (works, services) on NPIR projects made up Br1,703.3 million, including Br990 million worth of export. Some 2,677 highly-productive jobs were created within the framework of NPIR projects and events.

Twenty-five facilities of the innovative infrastructure, including 16 technology parks, eight technology transfer centers and the Belarusian Innovation Fund have been established.

As a result of the efforts, the export of science-intensive and high-technology products accounted for 35.6% of the total export in 2019. In monetary terms, the export of science-intensive and high-technology products made up $14.9 billion.

In 2019, Belarus climbed 14 positions to the 72nd place in the Global Innovation Rankings as compared to 2018.

Belarus is ranked high in such indicators as the development of mobile apps and training of specialists in science and technology (6th place), public financing of general education (8th place), higher education (9th place), inventions and useful models (10th place), export of information and communication technologies (19th place). Therefore, looking into the multidimensional facets of innovative development as a whole, we can say that Belarus joined the world’s top 50 countries having improved its ranking by ten places as compared to 2018.