Human Resources in Science

Natalia Kolchanova
Natalya Kolchanova, the winner in the nomination Young scientist of the year at VSMU. Full size

More than 27,000 people, including over 17,000 researchers are employed in science and technology in Belarus. Almost 3,500 scientists, including more than 600 doctors of science and 2,800 candidates of science have the highest scientific qualification. Young people are actively involved in R&D projects. About 30% of the scientific staff are young scientists.

Some 190 organizations train postgraduates and doctoral candidates in Belarus. As of early 2019, an estimated 5,131 postgraduate students and 608 doctoral candidates were studying in Belarus. About 60% of postgraduate students are aged 25 to 34; about 70% of doctoral candidates are aged 35 to 49.

In order to promote high-tech manufacturing of the 5th and 6th technological paradigms, the country has focused on 137 priority competencies. As of early 2019, 2,388 postgraduate students and 270 doctoral students continued their education in these priority areas.