Petrochemical Industry

The largest petrochemical enterprises of the Republic of Belarus that make coke, petroleum derivatives, chemical products, rubber and plastic products belong to the state petrochemical concern Belneftekhim.

Belneftekhim enterprises account for about 20% of Belarus’ industrial output. They make over 500 kinds of petrochemical and chemical products, which are exported to nearly 95 countries across the globe.

About two thirds of the output is exported once the domestic demand is satisfied.

All the engine fuel made by Belneftekhim is compliant with the environmental standard K5. The product lineup has been considerably expanded. New premium-quality gasoline is now made as well as new kinds of diesel fuel for cold and arctic climates, new grease oils and lubricants, oil bitumen, and jet fuel.

Belneftekhim products enjoy a strong demand and sell well.

Belneftekhim coordinates oil prospecting and oil extraction operations, oil transportation and refining, manufacturing of petrochemical products and products based on organic synthesis and petrochemical synthesis.

The main commodity groups that determine Belneftekhim’s export potential are crude oil and oil products, mineral fertilizers, tires, caprolactam, polyethylene, chemical fibers and threads.

Most of the Belneftekhim enterprises act as the main employer in their cities and towns.

Belarusian oil refineries are busy implementing programs to modernize and reconstruct their manufacturing facilities in view of global trends in the oil refining industry.

Independent chemical manufacturing facilities are being set up in order to produce certain raw materials (ethylbenzene, acetone, phenol, bisphenol, styrene, butadiene, and so on) as part of the future projects Belneftekhim intends to implement. The move will allow using the raw materials to make a broad range of chemical products, including fine chemistry products and small-scale chemistry products.