Engineering Industry

Engineering industry is the leading industry, a pillar and a driving force behind the country's economic development. It plays an important role in the social, economic and intellectual development of the state and is by right considered the backbone of the entire industrial complex.

There are hundreds of enterprises in Belarus that produce vehicles and automotive components, agricultural machinery and machine tools, sophisticated devices, optics, electrical equipment, elevators, household appliances and electronics. They make up the basis of the country’s engineering industry.

The product lineup features thousands of commodities: from microcircuits to the world’s largest rock haulers.

Belarus’ engineering industry ensures smooth operation of such economic sectors as energy industry, construction, transport, and agriculture.

Factories play an important role in the development of the country and its regions. They provide employment, being often the local economic mainstays in their towns.

Belarusian vehicles are used across the globe. Every year some 65-70% of the country’s engineering output is sold internationally. MTZ tractors, BelAZ rock haulers, Amkodor road-building and forestry equipment, Gomselmash harvesters, MAZ truck tractors and buses, Mogilevliftmash elevators, home appliances made by Horizont, Vityas, and ATLANT and many other products of the country’s flagship companies are shipped to more than 100 countries every year.

An important event in the history of the Belarusian engineering industry took place in 2017. Belarus’ first series passenger car rolled off the assembly line at the BelGee plant in Borisov District.

Being a well-known producer of mining, passenger and agricultural machinery since the Soviet Union, Belarus just made its first steps as a car-maker. Car production and sale volumes have been growing rapidly since then.

Belarusian engineering companies have been actively working to develop new markets, make innovative products, conduct technical upgrade, improve the quality and competitiveness of domestic machinery.