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Report from Healthcare Minister Vladimir Karanik

13 February 2020

Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko has received a report from Healthcare Minister Vladimir Karanik over the phone.

The report covered interaction with China in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus infection and the measures being taken in Belarus to minimize the threat of the disease reaching the country and spreading within it.

Results of providing humanitarian aid to China were discussed. The Healthcare Ministry had released the assets and processed the paperwork for sending two aircraft with humanitarian cargoes to China.

No cases of infections caused by the new coronavirus have been registered in Belarus so far.

Vladimir Karanik said that as of 30 January all the organizations of the Belarusian healthcare system are on high alert. The necessary reserves of medications and individual protective gear have been stockpiled.

The conversation also touched upon interaction between various ministries and government agencies in the course of preventing the virus from reaching the country and spreading within it. The organization of sanitary and quarantine control was mentioned.

The head of state noted that it is necessary to take exhaustive measures to organize things. However, he pointed out that the measures must be effective, not excessive.

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