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October Revolution Day greetings

6 November 2019

Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko has congratulated fellow Belarusians on October Revolution Day.

“The autumn of 1917 dramatically changed the course of history. It heralded a new era of human development based on the principles of social equality, justice and humanism. The ideals of the revolution became the symbol of national revival of many peoples across the world, they inspired them to fight for freedom and equality,” the message reads.

The President underlined that it also paved the way for the Belarusian state, thus translating into reality the legal right for self-determination, promotion of national culture, strengthening of national unity. “Working hard, we transformed our native land. We heroically defended the independence of our country on the battlefield. We preserved the best of the Soviet era and built a sovereign state. I am convinced that the memory of the heroic events and the suffering of the Belarusian people strengthens the spiritual bond between generations, instills pride of our people, consolidates the society and inspires people to work hard in the interests of the Motherland,” the message reads.

The head of state wished fellow Belarusians good health, happiness and wellbeing. He also wished Belarus new achievements and prosperity.

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