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Greetings to personnel of Zvyazda newspaper

9 August 2017
Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has sent greetings to the personnel of the Zvyazdanewspaper which celebrates the 100th anniversary of the first issue.

“Founded in the difficult time of shocks and changes in August 1917, the Zvyazdanewspaper has become a true chronicle of Belarus’ social life,” the head of state remarked. “Its history is inseparably connected with the history of Belarus and our people. The newspaper speaks to the hearts of our people in the Belarusian language.”

The message of greetings reads that the Zvyazdanewspaper was published even during the Great Patriotic War. The newspaper was published by Minsk underground fighters, then on the partisan Zyslov island. “The newspaper encouraged its readers to fight against invaders, gave our people confidence and power. Four monuments were unveiled in honor of the newspaper after the war. This is a unique case which testifies to the importance of the newspaper for Belarusians,” Alexander Lukashenko emphasized.

Several generations of journalists have been cherishing the traditions of objectivity and accuracy, attention to ordinary people. That is why, this newspaper remains a competent source of information and an attentive companion for its readers.
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