Working trip to Vitebsk Oblast

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There are good prospects for raising the efficiency of the flax growing industry, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said during the visit to the republican unitary enterprise Ustye of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (NASB) in Orsha District on 19 August.

This enterprise specializes in flax growing and seed harvesting. The best scientists are involved and the best technologies are used to grow flax at the enterprise. This is an example for other flax growing enterprises in the country.

Aleksandr Lukashenko came to the flax field to familiarize himself with all technological processes, to find out how to make the flax growing industry more efficient and profitable. “We have agreed on flax. I will revise previous instructions concerning flax growing and processing. Flax producers should not ask for money all the time. Flax can bring good profits if appropriate technologies are used,” the Belarusian leader stressed.

Director of the NASB Institute of Flax Ivan Golub told the head of state that the profitability of flax production reaches 70%. “The profitability of oil processing was at the same level at the best of times. This is a good figure. If we teach our farmers to use such methods, they will be interested in it,” the pesident said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko also instructed to work out a clear-cut scheme of work for flax growing and processing enterprises. Mutual understanding is important, he said.

Scientists should cooperate with agrarians, give advice, share technologies, and inspect the results of work.

The head of state deemed it necessary to prepare a scheme of personnel training in the flax growing industry and a scheme of control at all stages. Aleksandr Lukashenko instructed Ivan Golub to use tough and resolute methods of management.

He also asked the scientist what can be done to raise the efficiency of flax growing. According to the head of the NASB institute, all farms should observe technological requirements. Besides, good equipment and qualified specialists are needed.

Aleksandr Lukashenko asked how many flax harvesters are needed. They found out that farms need about 40 machines worth about $8 million. The president instructed Mikhail Rusy to set up a commission and hold a corresponding tender.

During the working trip the president also spoke about the provision of local farmers with Belarusian-bred seeds. The head of state said that it is essential to set up corresponding centers in the country. He stressed that logistics is a very important issue here.

In general, Aleksandr Lukashenko instructed to eliminate drawbacks in the industry as soon as possible and introduce cutting-edge practices in all farms across Belarus. “We should have such flax everywhere,” he said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko reminded that the flax growing industry could have disappeared without corresponding instructions which had been given at the highest level before.

The head of state saw a flax harvester in operation. He also encouraged the reporters, who were following him, to learn to harvest flax by hand.

During the working trip the president also asked about the progress in the harvest campaign in Belarus. The head of state was informed about the harvesting progress in Vitebsk Oblast. He gave necessary instructions.