Working trip to Mogilev Oblast

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Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko went on a working trip to Mogilev Oblast. The head of state visited Kostyukovichi District where he was updated on the development of the southeastern part of the region.

At first the president was to tour a trout farm and heard out a report on the fishing industry in Belarus and Mogilev Oblast, as well as on social and economic development of the region.

After that a meeting to discuss social and economic issues of the southeastern part of Mogilev Oblast took place in Kostyukovichi. In the focus was implementation of Decree No. 235 as of 8 June 2015 and the earlier program of comprehensive social and economic development of this territory that includes Kostyukovichi District, Klimovichi District, Krasnopolie District, Krichev District, Slavgorod District, Cherikov District and Khotimsk District.