Working trip to Mogilev Oblast

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Belarusian manufacturing enterprises have good prospects, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said darting his working trip to Mogilev Oblast on 22 July.

The head of state was informed about the social and economic development of Mogilev and the oblast. Aleksandr Lukashenko was briefed on the state of affairs in the manufacturing sector of the region, listened to corresponding reports, and met with the workers of enterprises.

The working trip began with the visit to the enterprise Tehnolit. The President was informed about the development of innovative casting technologies, export and import substitution. “A good enterprise has been established. But it is just a small seed which gave sprouts. We need to gather the harvest, sow the seeds once again to get more. There should be a multiplyer effect,” the President said.

Then Aleksandr Lukashenko went to the Square of Glory where he was informed about Mogilev’s city development and beautification plans. According to the head of state, it is needed to prepare a balanced city development plan for Mogilev. “I arrived in Mogilev from Minsk. I saw beautiful houses, but there is not enough gloss, beautification and amenities for people. There is no harmony,” the Belarusian leader noted. The President noted that other oblast capitals have been put in order, they are comfortable cities. However, Mogilev is lagging behind in this respect. “The main thing is to have a balanced city modernization plan,” the President said.

Director General of Mogilevkhimvolokno Piotr Rudnik briefed the President on the development of the enterprise. In his words, the plans to modernize the factory and buy new equipment are implemented. This equipment will be used to make new kinds of fibers which are in demand on the European market. On the whole, the enterprise does not stand still, it is working at full capacity. More than a half of products are exported to Russia and the European Union.

The head of state said that there are many empty buildings at Mogilevkhimvolokno. In this context, an instruction was given to decide what to do with unused premises and work out a development plan for the enterprise.

During the visit to Mogilevliftmash, the President listened to the reports on the development of the factory, the manufacture of new products and the efforts to raise competitiveness. He was also informed about the progress in the technical upgrade of the plant.

The head of state urged to develop such factories as Mogilevliftmash. According to Aleksandr Lukashenko, the state will also support small and medium-sized enterprises, including with the help of Chinese investments.

The President talked to the personnel of Mogilevliftmash and expressed confidence that Belarusian enterprises will be able to overcome the decline in industrial output. “There is progress. I think after today’s talk we will move forward faster. We should overcome the recession that has happened, unfortunately. But due to factors outside our control. The situation was complicated but I can see that even in Mogilev Oblast things are looking up,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

“The employment of people is the main concern for me. But there is a condition – they must want to work. I am ready to do my best to provide jobs to those who want to work. Enough jobs and corresponding conditions have been created so far,” Aleksandr Lukashenko remarked.

During the working trip to Mogilev Oblast the head of state changed his plans and visited two troubled enterprises in the oblast capital — Strommashina and Mogilevtransmash. Representatives of the labor collectives and trade unions of the two companies were invited to take part in the meeting with the head of state in order to discuss prospects of the two enterprises in their presence.

The President deemed it necessary to have a clear vision of the prospects of these enterprises to advance them to a brand-new level. “Roll up your sleeves or, as the popular Internet joke says, get undressed and get busy. You can get undressed or you can leave your clothes on but as of tomorrow I will be keeping an eye on you. You should progress and do your utmost on your own,” the Belarusian leader stressed when he visited Strommashina.

Aleksandr Lukashenko said he wanted the state of the enterprise to become as good by 1 January as to allow the company’s employees to be confident in the company’s future.

Just like with other enterprises, ensuring the high competitive ability is the key, pointed out Aleksandr Lukashenko. “We should do what we know how to do. We should cling to markets and make quality products while reducing the prime cost,” he stressed.

One of the workers of the enterprise asked what the pillars of the security and order in Belarus are and what is to be done to protect them.

“We need people. The population of Belarus should be at least two times more – 20 million people. This is a factor of security, defense capacity, and power of the country. The population is too small here,” the President said. “The second factor of security is the economy and enterprises. We should have well-developed villages and cities, robust manufacturing, transport, communications, construction, etc. The power of the state also relies on employed people,” the President said.

“What concerns security, you should not be concerned about it. But please do not overcriticize me for the tough policy. Although it is not too tough,” the head of state said. “We do not silence anyone. Never be afraid of anything, tell me about anyone, but remember that a “war” (against the president and the government like in Turkey) can be only during elections.”

“At the parliamentary elections you can vote for any candidates you want. You can do the same at the presidential elections. I am saying it sincerely and I will guarantee it. A person should have a chance to speak openly,” the Belarusian leader said.

The head of state noted that if a group of people tries to cause a disturbance, the authorities will respond immediately.

Aleksandr Lukashenko also commented on the recent doping scandals in sport. “I strongly support the fight against doping. The state does not benefit from this,” the President said.

However, Aleksandr Lukashenko underlined that he believes that the punishment should be individual. “These approaches, namely to punish collectively because someone said something while there are no facts to back these claims up, to pressurize those who could win a medal at the Olympics, show that sport has become big politics. Sport is turning into some kind of battlefield. This is wrong,” the head of state said.